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          Most Frequently Asked Questions about Grosfillex Commercial Resin Furniture


          1.       Is Grosfillex resin furniture safe to use in a commercial environment?


          • Yes, Grosfillex has co-authored the publication of industry performance standards for plastic chairs designed for outdoor use by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).  These standards set a certain quality level for US manufactured plastic chairs and ensure safety.
          • Grosfillex commercial resin furniture is ASTM rated to 300 pounds for indoor/outdoor seating areas.  Certificates of compliance with ASTM F 1561-96 class B quality and performance standards are available from the manufacturer.
          • All Grosfillex contract chairs meet or exceed these industry standards.  Further, Grosfillex designs, manufactures and markets all commercial grade resin furniture with the ultimate consumer’s safety in mind.


          2.       Why should resin furniture not be bought at retail for commercial use?


          • Because it is made for residential use only.
          • Even Grosfillex retail furniture is not  recommended for commercial use.  Further it only carries a 1 year consumer warranty as stated on the products labels.
          • Grosfillex commercial furniture comes in different styles and colors than retail.
          • It is specifically made for food service and hospitality use. 
          • It is available only from authorized food service equipment and/or hospitality dealers.
          • It generally carries a 3 year manufacturer’s commercial warranty (depending on the furniture category).
          • Other resin furniture manufacturers or importers market the same product through any and all channels of distribution: retail and contract.  Grosfillex does not.  Grosfillex makes a clear distinction between residential furniture sold at retail for residential use and commercial furniture sold through food service and hospitality dealers for non-residential use.


           3.       What makes Grosfillex resin different from other plastic furniture?


          • Grosfillex furniture is made of a resin composite carefully formulated to pass rigorous test standards.
          • Polypropylene resin, a by-product of the oil refining process, gives the product its resistance to most common food stains, moisture, salt air and chlorine.  It will not trap nor harbor germs, fungi or bacteria.
          • Calcium carbonate or talc gives the product its rigidity.  Pigments give the product its color.  Chemical additives provide resistance to static buildup, fading and heat.
          • Grosfillex may also include polypropylene copolymer in the formulation of furniture where resilience and resistance to repeated use is needed.


           4.       Is this furniture made of recycled plastic material?


          • No, Grosfillex furniture is made of 100% first quality prime materials.
          • Other manufacturers may use recycled plastic materials and/or excessive amounts of calcium carbonate to reduce their costs and/or make the product feel heavier.  Such a practice always results in an inferior product with no guarantee or consistency of performance for any type of use.  It also makes the product unsafe, more brittle, and more prone to breakage.


          5.       Is this furniture made in the USA?


          • Yes, it is US made in Robesonia, PA.


          6.       Will this furniture fade or discolor in the sun?


          • Grosfillex uses the most advanced ultra-violet light stabilizers to resist discoloration by the sunlight twice as long as retail grade plastic furniture.


           7.       Is this furniture packaged for LTL or drop shipments?


          • Yes, Grosfillex specifically packages tables and chairs to minimize the risks of freight damages.
          • Low stacks of resin chairs on wide pallets increase the stability of the stack and facilitate handling with fork trucks.
          • Most retail plastic chairs are packaged on small skids, the size of the chair footprint, only suitable for transportation in full trucks of the one product.


           8.       Are Grosfillex molded melamine table tops suitable for food service use?


          • Yes, melamine is the chemical polymer used to make ashtrays and dinnerware.  It resists scratches, cigarette burns, food stains, hot plates, repeated cleaning and discoloration by the sunlight.


          9.       Are Grosfillex molded melamine table tops suitable for outdoor use?


          • Yes, the table tops are not damaged by ice, rain, snow, or sunlight.  Of course, protected storage in the off-season will keep your furniture looking new that much longer.


           10.    Are Grosfillex melamine table tops made of particle board?


          • No, Grosfillex table tops are not high pressure laminates of particle board glued with Formica.
          • They are molded from a core material made of melamine impregnated wood chips and melamine impregnated surface paper; fusion-bonded to resist delamination and water penetration.


           11.    What makes Grosfillex different from other resin furniture manufacturers?


          • Grosfillex is committed to design, build and sell BRAND NAME, SAFE, INNOVATIVE resin furniture specifically made for the food service and hospitality customer.
          • Grosfillex is the only resin furniture manufacturer in North America to have dedicated an entire division to this market, with sales professionals, factories, warehouses and specific products for over 15 years.


          12.    Is this furniture readily available?


          • Yes, Grosfillex holds references in stock in full masterpacks, in two large warehouses in Lebanon, PA.
          • Grosfillex quick ship program allows an average delivery time of 7 to 10 business days from receipt of the order.


          13.    How can I clean Grosfillex commercial resin furniture?


          • While Grosfillex can not warrant results of any specific cleaning method or product…..
          • Usually a mild detergent such as dish soap and water will clean the furniture.
          • A 10% solution of either bleach or vinegar can remove more persistent stains.
          • Chairs and chaises without metal parts have been successfully cleaned by soaking them in pool water and wiping them clean.
          • General non-abrasive household cleaners (i.e. 409, Fantastik, Windex, WD-40) can help for various stains. 
          • While solvents are generally not recommended, careful application of mineral spirits, rubbing alcohol or acetone on sticky, glue-like or black stains, and immediately rinsed off, will work.
          • Stubborn stains from different origins, such as sap, bird droppings, carbon monoxide and imbedded dirt can be best cleaned with resin furniture cleaners like SunBrite.
          • Like for textile home furnishings, every case is different and may require professional attention depending on the nature of the staining agent.
          • IMPORTANT: The use of bleach or chlorine based chemical sanitizer to clean molded melamine table tops is NOT recommended: bleach will attack the surface overlay of the melamine table top and cause severe discoloration and staining. Household cleaners like Spic and Span or a mild detergent with water should be used to clean the table top surfaces.


           14. & 15.     Are Grosfillex umbrellas and cushions colorfast? How can they be cleaned?


          • Grosfillex commercial grade outdoor fabric when tested for fade resistance in compliance with ASTM G 53.96 standard, provide twice the recommended performance of the American Casual furniture Fabrics Association (ACFFA).
          • Grosfillex commercial outdoor fabrics are naturally stain resistant fabrics.  To maintain beauty and insure long life, wipe up spills as quickly as possible with an absorbent cloth.
          • Clean regularly with a mild soapy solution and like warm water, rinsing thoroughly with clear water to remove all soap and allowing to air dry.
          • The fabrics do not promote the growth of molds or mildew.  However, dirt or standing water will support these organisms. 
          • Chlorine bleach can be used without affecting fabric color or strength and will kill mildew organisms.
          • Do not use pine oil cleaners.


           16.     How much wind can the Windmaster Umbrellas withstand?


          • 35-40mph, but all umbrellas are recommended to be closed and/or taken down when not attended and wind damage is not warrantable.
          • Wind has variables that cannot be replicated in wind tunnel testing. All winds in tunnel testing are straight and sustained winds and do not reflect the uplifts in real world setting. Securing properly to a base should be the focal point.